Congratulations to STMIK Royal Students Passing the Competency-Based Training Organized by BBPVP Bekasi

STMIK Royal – Bekasi Center for Vocational and Productivity Training (BBPVP) has opened registration for competency-based training from 11 to 28 April 2023 with 3 schemes namely:

  • Electronics Vocational
  • Information and Communication Technology Championship
  • Welding Vocational

The good news is that 4 STMIK Royal students have successfully passed the initial training selection held by BBPVP Bekasi and will take part in the offline selection in Bekasi.

Congratulation to:

Name NIM Class Training
Naila Hanni Pradipa 21220185 SI 4A Animator
Arju Devpriandi Siahaan 21220354 SI 4M Graphic Design
Aditya Gunawan 20220159 SI 6F Computer Network Installation
Tegar prasastiyo 20220414 SI 6F Animator

Congratulations to the students who passed the Competency-Based Training Organized by BBPVP Bekasi. Hopefully by participating in this competency, STMIK Royal will be able to make STMIK Royal proud and become a motivation for others to improve their achievements in the academic and non-academic fields.

Media and Information STMIK Royal, reports.

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